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Ben Buckland and Wayne Gretsky in the interview room at an NHL game


Ben Buckland interviews Barry Switzer before a game in Oklahoma City. Ben and Coach Switzer helped start the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz Arena Football Team. "Barry Switzer is the ideal owner, everybody knows him or knows of him and he will do anything to help the franchise. What a truly great man."  


Ben Buckland interviews Heisman Trophy winner Jason White and OU great Dan Cody on the ice before a Blazer hockey game in 2003.  

Rattlesnake hunting around Waynoka, Oklahoma. "You sometimes find the snakes in the springtime out of their dens, in the sunshine, on the rim-rock on the side of the hill that's away from the wind. Don't get too close to the edge of the rim-rock....., famous last words."


Ben Buckland shown here with a prize winning Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. This one measured 82 inches. "I just keep talking and hope the professional handlers really are professional handlers."  


A native of Waynoka, Oklahoma, Ben returns each year to announce the Waynoka Rattlesnake RoundUp. Shown here with a 90 lb. Boa Constrictor and it's owner and handler, Gary Moore. Ben knows snakes. "Over the years, I've studied snakes to try to stay in front of the information curve and keep interested people informed. Of all the creatures on God's planet, there is less known about snakes than about almost anything else. Snakes are not big on allowing themselves to be studied."  

Ben Buckland and friend Kelly Zubik on graduation day. Ben received a Master's Degree in Management from Southern Nazarene University in 2001 and then returned to the University to teach undergraduate Marketing and Advertising.


Ben and son Benjamin backstage with Billy Ray Cyrus before a concert.  


Ben talks with Coach Sherrie Coale of the University of Oklahoma's girl's basketball team. "What a tremendous success story she is. The cool guys at the University hire the cute little coach from the hometown to coach their second rate girls basketball team. Turns out the cute little coach is also smart, talented and not short on nerve. She jerks that program onto her shoulders and turns it into a national darling. Somehow, while doing yeomen's work she stays cute and sweet. Go figure."  

Ben having dinner with the great Zig Zeigler in Oklahoma City in 2004. "Zig is my hero. I went to a Zig Zeigler seminar in 1967 or 68 in Wichita, Kansas and I loved the guy. Over the years, he's been my mentor and I've sucked up everything he's written and spoken. I always thought he was a humble man of God with a great heart. Now that I've gotten to know him a little, I couldn't have done better for a mentor. What a gentle man."


Ben interviews NASCAR driver Brett Bodine as NASCAR great Ken Schrader watches and waits to be interviewed. Ben Buckland has announced all types of race cars all over the country since beginning speedway announcing in 1970.  


Ben and Wayne Gretsky prepare for the pregame interview at a NFL preseason game between Gretsky's Phoenix Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings. Ben has announced hockey at all levels since 1970. "I got to know the Phoenix guys a little bit when we sold them our name." Ben managed the Oklahoma Coyotes, a professional roller hockey team in Oklahoma City that sold the trademarked Coyotes name to Phoenix when that team began in the NHL.  

"It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it." Ben cuts up with Hooter's girls on the ice at a recent Blazer's hockey game.


An occasional racer, Ben pauses before winning a celebrity race at State Fair Speedway in Oklahoma City.  


Ben with NASCAR great Jeff Burton who makes an appearance for Citgo in Oklahoma City.  

Mark Rogers, Sports Director of Channel 5 in Oklahoma City and Ben pause before a recent celebrity race with car owners and their usual drivers. Ben drove Justin Allen's number 90 and Mark drove Shawn Jorski's number 73.


Not new to the business. Ben Buckland here at age 16 doing a remote broadcast on KALV in Alva, Oklahoma.  


A private pilot, Ben tries to fly at least once each month to keep current and somewhat in practice.  

Ben with Miss Playboy America.


Ben Buckland can bring out the best in anyone or anything. Here he interviews Chuck the two-steppin Duck presumably about ducky things.  


The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon 2001. Ben shown interviewing MDA client, Shelly Rutherford. Also with Ben, Jon Hansen and his daughter Jill. Ben and Jon are long time telethon emcees. Ben first appeared on the telethon with Shelly when she was 2 years old and every year since. About the telethon, Ben says, "This thing has been a big part of my life since the 70's and I've met a bunch of great people over the years. A partial cure is now possible and a complete cure is just around the corner. Won't that be wonderful!!??"