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Ben Buckland is a most trusted source for sales, marketing and management training.  Ben Buckland has had a distinguished career in radio successfully working in every area of a staton which makes him uniquely qualified to help your station maximize market share, promotional development, sales and management. Ben Buckland is well known as a sales and management consultant, speaker, and seminar leader. Ben Buckland will help you establish personal accountability, maximize achievement, create imagination, motivation and renewed energy for your station.

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GretskyBen Buckland has a varied background in sports management as well. Ben Buckland can offer experience and training in establishing new sports teams on any level from the ground up. Mr. Buckland believes that promotion is vital in establishing any new venture especially in the sports world.

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AdvertisingBuckland Media Groupís Outdoor Advertising makes the connection between product and consumer. Every day throughout the greater Oklahoma City area, smart marketers like you have the opportunity to bring outdoor advertising campaigns to your consumers in a powerful, direct and effective way.

imageBen Buckland Auctions and the management team strives to consistently better the auction experience for our clients and their customers while creating an alternative channel of distribution for liquidation and cost recovery.

Ben Buckland Auctions delivers to the customer both the cost savings of an auction and the care of popular brand names sought by customers in the retail market. This makes Ben Buckland Auctions a destination point for consumer share as they capitalize on the benefits of the high performance. Whether it is a small estate or millions of dollars of merchandise sold, contact Ben Buckland Auctions today.